An Overview of ARK In-App Purchases

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With the release of ARK: Survival Evolved on iOS and Android right around the corner, we thought now would be a good time to talk about the in-app purchases that will be available to you upon launch. We know that in-app purchases bring out a wide array of opinions, and we’ve sought to offer a gameplay experience that will suit many different types of players.



Ancient Amber

For those who never want to spend a dime on the game, you don’t have to. ARK: Survival Evolved is free-to-play on iOS and Android, and you can obtain every purchasable structure, item and buff in the game without spending any money. Ancient Amber is a rare resource that can also be purchased (making it an in-game currency) and is tied to your account on an individual server or in single player. It can be obtained without purchasing it directly in a variety of ways:

  • Harvested from large predators
  • Found in Amber deposits scattered around The Island
  • Random chance to obtain from Free Gifts
  • From watching Ads
  • Random chance to obtain from stones picked up off the ground

Additionally, we have optional timed XP Boosts and Free Gifts that can be redeemed multiple times per day in return for watching an ad.

When it comes to what you can spend your Ancient Amber on, we have many different types of purchases available. All of these have been created with the goal of offering convenient options for players who are not able to put in the hours to grind out everything they want in the game. These purchases include:

  • Structures – Primarily, paid structures include crafting stations that can be used to instantly craft items for yourself or your tribe, including other structures, ammunition, kibble, and paint dyes. These structures become available for purchase as you level up. For example the Lumber Mill, which is used to build wooden structures, becomes available for purchase at Level 15.
  • Buffs – Timed buffs are available to help you get through tough situations. Available buffs include increased weight capacity, resistance to weather elements, and reduced hunger.
  • Items – Single-use consumable items such as the Soothing Balm, which increases your taming effectiveness when fed to a wild creature.



Primal Pass

We also offer a subscription service that applies across all servers and in Single Player with Primal Pass. Primal Pass is available on a subscription basis for $3.99 a month, or you can purchase the annual pass for $34.99. With Primal Pass you get a permanent double XP buff, the removal of all ads (including those on the aforementioned Free Gifts), reserved slots on all servers, early access to news & upcoming special events, and access to our Primal Pass-exclusive servers.

The Primal Pass-exclusive servers are our solution for those who desire a premium experience with less potential paid imbalance. On these servers, all paid structures are disabled and only buffs and items may be purchased. Thus there is no direct way to purchase harvestable resources or structures that could give an advantage to a paying player. We believe these will be a popular choice for seasoned ARK players looking for the most familiar experience.

We hope that this overview expresses the great care we’ve taken to make ARK: Survival Evolved an enjoyable experience for all types of mobile players. We believe in giving players choice, and hope that is reflected in the decisions we have made. We look forward to hearing your feedback and continuing the discussion with our community.

See you on The Island,
War Drum Studios