ARK Mobile 2.0 Reveal

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We are happy to announce that v2.0 of ARK Mobile is on track to release by June 2019. This next major update for the game introduces Dungeons, Tek items, new creatures, the Chronicling system for your tames, and more!


Dungeons bring a new experience to both Single Player & Multiplayer that has never been seen before in the ARK franchise. These dungeons are full of long winding pathways, numerous enemy rooms, loot chests and booby traps. If you make it to the end alive, you’ll need to defeat the Boss in order to extract your loot for use back on the Island.

Dungeons rotate on a weekly basis. Every week introduces an entirely new dungeon layout that you’ve never seen before. We use procedural generation to create all-new layouts, then hand curate the best enemy and loot placement.

You’ll be entering these Dungeons on foot, without the benefit of any tames coming along with you. This is the ultimate challenge – if you die, you’ll need to start over from the beginning. Health does not regenerate and there are no item caches to retrieve. You’ll need to rely only on items brought with you or resources that you find once inside.

Once completed, you can continue running the Dungeons as many times as you like. Your first entry is free each day, and subsequent entries will cost an increasing amount of Ancient Amber. Primal Pass holders are granted two free entries daily.


Each week will introduce different Tek Blueprints that can only be acquired from loot chests in that week’s Dungeon. Searching for that elusive Tek Rifle Blueprint? You’ll need to complete the Dungeon during the week that it’s available, otherwise it goes back into the vault until it surfaces again in a future Dungeon.

Loot chests will not only contain Tek Blueprints though. You will also find Premium items and resources that you’ll need to make it through to the end such as food, ammo and water. Once you defeat the Boss, all non-consumable loot comes with you and you’re able to respawn at any zone or bed back on the Island.


You will encounter many creatures in the Dungeons – both aggressive and passive. While you may recognize many creatures from the Island, you’ll notice they now have an Eerie glow to them. Additionally all new creatures that we add, such as the Troodon, will only spawn in the Dungeons. All of these creatures’ implants can be removed and revived back on the Island, where you can start your own army of Eerie tames.

Aggressive enemies are only encountered in enemy rooms, where you’ll be blocked from leaving and tasked with defeating increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Other players can still join you mid-fight, but nobody can progress to the next room until all waves are cleared.


Your final task before completing the Dungeon is to defeat the Boss. We have approximately 10 different Bosses that are currently in development. Some will be familiar faces from PC & Console, such as the Megapithecus, and others will be Bosses that you’ve never seen before.

Each Boss battle can accommodate up to 10 players in Multiplayer, and will begin once players have made their way to the Teleport Pad. You’ll face a time limit once the Boss battle begins, and if you’re successful, will reap Eery Element as your reward. This Eery Element can be used to craft Tek Blueprints and Chronicle your tames.


Chronicling is the process of forcing your tame back into its implant and freezing it until future use. Once chronicled, the implant decay timer is removed and your tame will no longer count against your personal tame slots or the server tame limit. Tames can be chronicled using Eery Element, and revived when needed for only 2 Ancient Amber, regardless of their level.

We have a lot more in store for ARK Mobile 2.0, and can’t wait to share more with you over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!